About Us

Elite Education and Training Services, LLC (EETS) is a NYS license career school. Elite Education and Training Services, LLC mission and vision focuses on adult education and provides access to quality entry-level healthcare professions. Serving Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, New York State and international areas.



“The central theme of our mission is to increase knowledge and empower”.

Therefore, Elite Education and Training Services, LLC (EETS) strive to make education accessible and flexible to its participants.   At Elite Education and Training Services, the goal is to assist learners to realize their full potential.   Each course and service is developed by highly qualified and expert educators who are committed to providing professional and quality education.  Elite Education and Training Services’ concept and development is based on years of adult education experience and a passion for teaching.  EETS is a contemporary educational alternative to the traditional classroom; and in the future, a unique classroom experience for traditional participants.



Elite Education and Training Services, LLC’s vision is to provide traditional and virtual education, and training to motivated adults. Our vision centers on meeting the needs of our community and professions; and those who come to us in search of better opportunities for themselves and their families.



Learning is a life-long endeavor.  The aim is to provide contemporary online continuing education courses for a variety of professionals. Our online continuing education courses provide the flexibility that working adult professionals need.